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Let Globe Bar Carts Serve You

The globe bar carts by Zoffoli are not only serving carts and trolleys, the all contain mini bars inside their finely detailed vintage replica world globes – the main feature of these globe bar carts and all of Zoffoli’s bar globe furniture. The bases of the globe bar carts and globe mini bar trolleys provide extra glassware storage.

Our mobile serving carts and antique replica world globe trolleys combine modern-day convenience with age-old elegance. Many of the serving trays and shelves on these vintage world globe bar trolleys are works of art themselves, featuring finely detailed, screen printed, hand finished illustrations. The ornate legs of the globe mini bar carts are made of turned wood and equipped with casters for mobility.

The globe spheres on the world globe carts and vintage globe bar trolleys feature 16th – 18th century maps, making them an impressive centerpiece as well as a serving tool. Let others serve guests from a standard bar while you roll out an exquisite vintage globe drinks cabinet that’s a bar in a globe.

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