You may not have thought of it, but we guarantee that globes and globe  accessories make a great gifts for any occasion. Simply use the use the subcategory links below to narrow down your search if you’re looking for something other than a regular globe or bar globe.

Game holder globes make great gifts for those who love to play cards and want a bit Vegas at home. You might need an educational geographical globe for your kids, and your teens will be surprised at how much color and fun a bright world globe can add to their bedroom. A globe pen holder or other globe desk accessory is a wonder office gift idea for your boss or as retirement gift globe for a colleague.

Do you have a fussy boss or a retiree or colleague who you need an office gift for but don’t know well enough to choose one for? Then the perfect solution is a gift certificate.

We all have fussy people in our lives and when you need a gift for one or more of them it can be a a real puzzle because we all have different tastes. Let the gift recipient decide which one he or she likes best by purchasing a gift certificate – then the choice is theirs.

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