Game Holder Globes

Casino Sets and Vintage Replica World Globes in One

Game globes are truly unique because they combine the beauty of a museum quality antique replica globe with a game set holder. The game globes by Zoffoli are fully equipped – the roulette sets even come with roulette wheels.

Next time a roulette game or poker night is scheduled at your house, impress guests by pulling your cards, chips, dice or chess pieces out of an Italian crafted world globe by Zoffoli. 

Don’t just stick your cards in a drawer, keep them on a table or desk in a game set globe. You’ll have both a game holder and vintage replica globe to display proudly in your home or office.

Game Set World Globes Make Excellent Corporate Gifts
It’s not always easy to select a gift for a boss or an important client. These game set world globes make great executive gifts and corporate gifts. Who wouldn’t like to have a casino hidden away in a beautiful piece of decor? 

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