This category contains standard world globes made by Zoffoli. This simply means that a globe in this section is not a drinks cabinet – it has no storage space inside for glassware, games, etc.

We have many products to suit all styles and tastes, whether your home or office has vintage-style furniture or modern decor.

Zoffoli has been manufacturing globes since 1949. Zoffoli remains a family business to this day, a fact of which we are extremely proud. Each generation of the Zoffoli family has grown and continues the development of the company. The latest generation, led by Mattia Zoffoli, has combined the experience and workmanship passed down to him with the latest technology, particularly when it comes to cartography and print.

All of our regular world globes & drinks cabinets, classic vintage or current geographical alike, are made at Zoffoli’s production plant in Italy. Don’t forget to have a look at the bar globes category for floor-standing, table top or serving trolley vintage drinks cabinets and Italian designer furniture for a world globe with a mini bar inside.

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