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The world globes and bar globe cabinets made by Zoffoli have become well-known throughout the world and each geographical location is worthy of attention. So in 2011 Zoffoli Globe was created in order to focus its attention on the North American market.

Zoffoli‘s story is rooted in a past that is rich in passion, tenacious work and recognition in the fields of miniatures and cartography. Italo Zoffoli, the leader of a generation of expert craftsmen, reaped the fruits of his dedicated and committed work when his globes came to the attention of the Italian media in 1963 and his family business reached significant results.

When his sons took over management of Zoffoli, they decided to move towards serialized production but vowed to maintain the same attention and commitment to style and detail that the enterprise their father started prided itself on. Even today, the olden maps of the sixteenth century are carefully and faithfully reproduced in Italy with the same passion of Italo Zoffoli’s first works.

Zoffoli manufactured globes, bar globes and accessories (both antique reproductions and modern decor globes) are sold throughout Italy and featured in the most prestigious shops of Milan, Turin, Florence. And now Zoffoli’s globes and bar globes and their excellent Italian workmanship are readily accessible to customers in the United States and Canada through the Zoffoli Globe online store.

Zoffoli is the world leader in the production of vintage style world globes and antique replica bar globes, and is the only remaining globe bar manufacturer in Italy.

Zoffoli Globe invites you to explore the wide range of world globe and globe bar furniture Collections by Zoffoli and discover your ideal world!

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